RealEstatePros Review Awards

RealEstatePros Review Awards recognises real estate agents who have generated 25 or more reviews and maintain an overall star rating of 3/5 or higher.

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92% of Consumers Read Online Reviews

We understand how important reviews are to the your success and we want to ensure your achievements are highlighted!

The RealEstatePros Review Awards recognise your ongoing commitment to obtaining feedback from your clients. As you continue to generate more reviews, you will earn higher award badges to show off those great ratings and stand out.

About RealEstatePros Review Awards

Build you reputation with sellers, stand out from your competitors and win more listings.

Get rewarded for reviews

The more reviews you collect the higher the award badge you achieve. Active RealEstatePros members with a minimum star rating of 3/5 will earn a review award badge when they reach 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500+ reviews.

Earn your badge instantly

RealEstatePros Review Award badges are awarded on an ongoing basis, which means as soon as you achieve each new review level, your profile will automatically update to display your new badge.

Promote your award

Once you achieve a new review level you will be sent an email with your review badge to share on your website or social media profiles. This makes it super easy to promote your achievements and build your reputation.