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Frequently Asked Questions

Many vendors wonder if they should try and sell their property themselves, and what exactly real estate agents are able to bring to the table? Are they really worth the commission and provide value over and above what you could simply do yourself?

The answer depends on the agent you choose. This is why it's crucial you find an experienced agent who knows your area inside and out and has a proven sales track record. Trusted real estate agents are skilled negotiators with excellent communication skills that will ensure you get the best possible sale price for your property.

They have experience in both buyer and seller markets. So when property supply is high and you still need that quick sale they will be your best option to make sure your property doesn't sit on the market too long and you get a premium price. This is because top real estate agents will always have the best contacts as they are always working with buyers in your area. They also know the right ways to market your property in any market to attract the most potential buyers and offers.

All real estate agents have to have the right qualifications, experience and a license in order to carry out real estate agency work. The REA (Real Estate Authority) is an independent government body that regulates the New Zealand real estate industry. They provide a public register of all licensed real estate agents in New Zealand as well as complaints upheld in the past three years. You can search the public register of all licensed real estate agents and companies here.

As of the 31st January 2019 there are over 14,600+ licensed real estate agents, branch managers and salespeople across New Zealand who are active. That's a lot of agents to have to choose from to find the best one to sell your property. That's a huge responsibility on your shoulders and pressure with arguably the biggest asset you have. You want to make sure you are dealing with someone you can not only trust but will also get you the best sale price and provide the best possible experience.

This is exactly why we created RealEstatePros. To make sorting through real estate agents to find the best one for you easy. We don't want you gambling with one of the biggest investments in your life which is why we have partnered with the best real estate agents across New Zealand from the most reputable agencies. We connect you with three of the top-rated realtors in your area to ensure the best experience and outcome possible for you.

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